Local Leaders Supporting
Peterson for Congress

Clinton County

Commissioner Brenda Woods

Commissioner Kerry Steed

Commissioner Michael McCarty

Prosecutor Andrew McCoy

Sheriff Ralph Fizer

Clerk of Courts Cindy Bailey

Treasurer Kyle Rudduck

Recorder Tanya Day

Engineer Jeff Linkous

Wilmington Mayor John Stanforth

Former State Board of Education Member Ron Rudduck

Retired County Sheriff & Commissioner Pat Haley

Fairfield County

State Senator Tim Schaffer (represents Athens, Fairfield, Hocking, Morgan & Pickaway counties) 

Fayette County

Commissioner Tony Anderson

Commissioner Dan Dean

Commissioner Jim Garland

Auditor Brenda Mossbarger

Clerk of Courts Sandy Wilson

Prosecutor Jess Weade

Sheriff Vernon Stanforth

Recorder Kim Coil Butler

Treasurer Susan Dunn

Treasurer-Elect Penny Patton

Washington Court House Council Member Ted Hawk

Washington Court House Council Member Jim Chrisman

Washington Court House Council Member Dale Lynch

Washington Court House Council Member Caleb Johnson

Washington Court House Council Member Steve Shiltz

Washington Court House Council Member Jim Blair

Former Recorder Cathy Templin

Franklin County

Former Auditor Joe Testa

Madison County

State Senator Bob Hackett & Mrs. Sue Hackett

Commissioner Tony Xenikis

Commissioner Chris Wallace

Plain City Mayor Jody Carney

London Mayor Patrick Closser

West Jefferson Mayor Ray Martin

Former Commissioner Paul Gross

Morgan County

Auditor Gary Woodward

Treasurer Randy Williams

Engineer Stevan Hook

Pickaway County

Commissioner Gary Scherer

Commissioner Jay Wippel

Engineer Sterlin Mullins

Prosecuting Attorney Judy Wolford

Sheriff Matthew Hafey

Treasurer Ellery Elick

Republican Party Chairman Mike Whitten

Republican Party Vice-Chair Sandy Darby

Ashville Mayor Chuck Wise

Circleville Council Member Sheri Theis

Circleville Council Member Barry Keller

Circleville Council Member Katie Logan Hedges

Ashville Council Member Nelson Embrey

Circleville Mayor Don McIlroy

Commercial Point Mayor Allan Goldhardt

Former Sheriff Robby Radner

Former Prosecutor Bill Harsha

Perry County

Commissioner Ben Carpenter

Somerset Mayor Tom Johnson

State Senator Jay Hottinger (represents Perry County)

Ross County

State Representative Mark Johnson

Commissioner Dwight Garrett

Commissioner James “Oody” Lowe

Treasurer Stephen Neal

Sheriff George Lavender

Engineer Charles Ortman

Prosecutor Jeff Marks

Republican Party Chair Diane Carnes

Vinton County

Commissioner Mark Fout

Commissioner William Wellman

Commissioner Tim Eberts

Prosecutor James Payne

Sheriff Ryan Cain

Clerk of Courts Jeremiah Griffith

Auditor Cindy Waugh

Recorder Koty Yates