Fayette County Leaders Endorse Bob Peterson for Congress

(OH-15) – State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) announced today the endorsement of Fayette County's top elected leaders, including the county commissioners, auditor, clerk of courts, prosecutor, sheriff, recorder, treasurer and other officials.

Among those endorsing Peterson's campaign for Congress:

Commissioner Tony Anderson

Commissioner Dan Dean

Commissioner Jim Garland

Auditor Brenda Mossbarger

Clerk of Courts Sandy Wilson

Prosecutor Jess Weade

Sheriff Vernon Stanforth

Recorder Kim Coil Butler

Treasurer Susan Dunn

Treasurer-Elect Penny Patton

Washington Court House Council Member Ted Hawk

Washington Court House Council Member Jim Chrisman

Washington Court House Council Member Dale Lynch

Washington Court House Council Member Caleb Johnson

Washington Court House Council Member Steve Shiltz

Washington Court House Council Member Jim Blair

Former Commissioner Jack DeWeese

Former Recorder Cathy Templin

"We're standing with Bob Peterson in this election because for years he's been standing with us," said Fayette County Commissioner Jim Garland. "He's the only candidate in this race with a proven record of conservative leadership on every major issue, and he's the only one who can say he's cut more taxes, balanced more budgets, helped more communities, enabled more jobs, and protected more lives and liberties than anyone else in the race. We hate to lose him in the legislature, but we can't wait to work with him in Congress."

Peterson thanked the current and former Fayette County elected officials for their support, adding, “I've had the privilege of working alongside these public servants in our communities. I share their conservative values of faith, family and freedom, and I look forward to fighting for those priorities to Congress. I'm honored to have their endorsement of my campaign."

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