Former Republican Congressman Steve Austria Endorses Bob Peterson for Congress

(OH-15) – State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) announced today the endorsement of former Congressman Steve Austria and his wife, Eileen, a longtime public policy expert and former congressional aide.

"Having represented the hard-working constituents of part of this district, I appreciate those values that are important," said former Congressman Austria, who represented much of what is now the 15th district, including Fairfield, Fayette, Franklin, Pickaway, Ross, and Perry counties. "I understand the kind of leadership they want working on their behalf in Washington, D.C., and Bob Peterson is that leader. He has the conservative principles, practical temperament, and tireless work ethic the people of the 15th district expect from their congressman, and I'm proud to support his campaign."

Eileen Austria also added her endorsement of Bob Peterson for Congress, joining her former boss, Congressman Dave Hobson, who endorsed Peterson’s campaign last month. Eileen worked as district director in Hobson’s congressional office for 17 years, managing constituent affairs in many of the counties currently in the 15th district.

“Steve and I spent many years traveling these counties and working on the issues they care about, and I know Bob Peterson is absolutely the right person for this job,” Eileen Austria said. “He’s an honorable, faithful, hard-working leader who won’t back down to anyone. We need people of strong character in Washington now more than ever, but we also need people with a proven record of getting things done. No one else in this contest can match Bob Peterson on those qualities.”

Peterson thanked the Austrias for their support, adding, “Steve and Eileen are known and respected for their work ethic and conservative leadership. They know what it takes to win campaigns and, more importantly, to represent these communities and constituents in Congress."

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