Peterson Leads Effort to Block Pelosi Takeover of State Elections

(OH-15) – State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) helped lead a legislative effort today aimed at blocking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's top policy agenda, an unconstitutional attempt to federalize state elections.

Peterson co-sponsored and voted to pass an Ohio resolution urging the United States Congress to reject a proposed partisan power-grab that would remove state authority over elections and give it to federal bureaucrats.

Pelosi's H.R. 1 would:

  • legalize the practice of ballot harvesting, potentially creating opportunities for voter suppression and fraud,

  • allow voters to register and vote on the day of an election without adequate time to ensure their eligibility,

  • use tax dollars to fund political campaigns,

  • ban efforts to require voter identification, and

  • prohibit local officials from verifying voter rolls and overseeing secure elections.

"This is a brazen attempt by the radical left to destroy the safeguards that protect our voting process," said Peterson. "Nancy Pelosi and other extremists know they can't build a lasting majority on credible candidates and sound public policy, so their solution is to game the system and make it easier to cheat. This is exactly why I'm running for Congress - to put an end to federal takeovers of our constitutional freedoms."

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