Peterson Outpaces Rivals AGAIN, Reaching $400k Fundraising Mark in 40 Days

(OH-15) - State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) further established his role as the dominant frontrunner in the Republican primary contest for the 15th district congressional seat, announcing today that his campaign has reached the $400,000 fundraising mark in just 40 days since entering the race.

The rapid outpouring of financial support, along with a broad and growing list of endorsements from community leaders across the district, demonstrates that Peterson not only enters a critical phase of the primary contest with the best grassroots organization and the most cash-on-hand to deliver his message but also that he is the strongest candidate to retain the seat in the general election.

“I continue to be inspired by the incredible support we're seeing every day, and it's humbling to see so many people back up their words of encouragement with their hard-earned dollars," said Peterson. "Voters are fed up with the radical agenda the Biden administration has pursued in just a few short months. They're ready to fire Nancy Pelosi, take back the House and restore real conservative values in Washington, and I'm honored to have their confidence as the proven conservative candidate who can best represent them in that fight."

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