Peterson Reaches Milestone of 150 Endorsements from Local Leaders

Campaign Continues to Build Unprecedented

Grassroots Support Across the District

(OH-15) – State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) announced today that his congressional campaign has reached a milestone of 150 endorsements from local leaders across the 15th district.

Peterson's campaign has won key support from former members of Congress who previously represented portions of the district, as well as current and former state senators, state representatives, countywide officeholders, law enforcement officials, mayors, city council members, township trustees, school board members and Republican Party leaders.

"No one else in this race has come anywhere close to the kind of broad, grassroots organization we've put together," said Peterson. "I'm honored and inspired by the fact that while others focus on celebrity endorsements we've been winning support from the people who know this district better than anyone. These are trusted leaders in their communities, and I'm proud to stand with them as we work to fire Nancy Pelosi, fight the radical Biden agenda and put America First again."

More endorsements by local leaders will be announced soon. To view the current list, visit

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