Pickaway County Leaders Endorse Peterson for Congress

(OH-15) – State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Sabina) announced today the endorsement of Pickaway County's top officials, including the county commissioners, engineer, prosecutor, sheriff, treasurer, municipal leaders and others.

Among those endorsing Peterson's campaign for Congress:

County Commissioner Gary Scherer

County Commissioner Jay Wippel

County Commissioner Champ Henson

Engineer Chris Mullins

Prosecuting Attorney Judy Wolford

Sheriff Matthew Hafey

Treasurer Ellery Elick

Republican Party Chairman Mike Whitten

Republican Party Vice-Chair Sandy Darby

Ashville Mayor Chuck Wise

Circleville Council Member Sheri Theis

Circleville Council Member Barry Keller

Circleville Council Member Katie Logan Hedges

Circleville Council Member Michele Blanton

Circleville Council Member Todd Brady

Ashville Council Member Nelson Embrey

Circleville Mayor Don McIlroy

Commercial Point Mayor Allan Goldhardt

Walnut Township Trustee Wilson Ett

Former Sheriff Robby Radcliff

Former Prosecutor Bill Harsha

"Bob Peterson has been a great partner for Pickaway County," said County Commissioner Jay Wippel. "We've seen some unprecedented local development and job creation in recent years, and Bob has been a key part of the legislative team that's helping to fuel that economic engine. His experience as a county commissioner and legislator gives him a unique understanding of how to help our local communities. Bob knows when government should be a partner and when it needs to get out of the way, and we need more of that perspective in Congress."

Peterson thanked the current and former Pickaway County elected officials for their support, adding, “I know how hard these folks work for their communities, and they expect nothing less from the people they send to Congress on their behalf. I'm honored to have their confidence as the candidate who can best represent their conservative values and priorities. I will never take their trust for granted."

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